Why TARa Loves? How did it get started?

People ask me all the time what products I love, so I created this blog to share them.

How does Tara fund her fun on Tara Loves?

I'm a working gal with two jobs, so all this fun is fully funded by me.  Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who understands my line of work and allows me to buy whatever I want (but may not necessarily need he he he).  And of course, once in awhile I come across a freebie which he is ever so thankful for. With that being said, you should know that all comments, reviews and suggestions on Tara loves are my own.  I do a lot of research on products and treatments, and enjoy sharing information with others - that's why this beauty blog exists. 

How long do you test beauty products before you post them on your blog?

Depends on the product. If it is for the eyes or lips, I usually give them about a weeks worth of wear because I am more sensitive there and usually know right away if it works or breaks me out.  If the product is skincare or foundation, I give it a full month because that gives the product a little time to work and I've tested it in multiple situations. 


What is your ethnicity and skin type? 

I am half mexican (dark eyes & hair) and half german (freckles and some light red hair sprinkled throughout my dark hair).   I am combination skin type, meaning I start to see oil on my t-zone later in the day and pretty normal (sometimes a little drier during the winter) on my cheeks.  I'm also in my early 40's, so you will find me talking a lot about anti-aging products.

How do you find cool beauty products?

I am a working makeup artist, so I discover products all the time through my job, my artist friends and brands. I also attend industry trade shows all the time, so I find cool stuff there too. 

Will you talk about things you don't love on Tara Loves?

Nope. Not gonna waste my time or yours. Also, I really want to keep this a fun, inspirational, positive space.

Who does the photography?

I do! All from my iphone X or from my old school Cano EOS Rebel T3i. I'll always give credit to someone else if they took the photo, don't you worry!