Magpies Soft Serve Corn Almond Vegan Ice Cream

Magpies Vegan Soft Serve Ice Cream

I'm slightly allergic to dairy and I've been dying to find a place that has dairy-free soft serve, so when my hubby found this place called Magpies Soft Serve in Tarzana, I got a little excited. A little hesitant, but a little excited. Hesitant because it's been hard to find a good tasting ice cream that is dairy-free. Usually things feel a little chalky but taste pretty good, so really I should say it's been hard to find one with a great creamy texture. Texture is so important with ice cream! But I was pleasantly surprised by the Corn Almond flavor at Magpies. In fact, I LOVED IT. It was super creamy ... and even though it was made from Almond milk, I wasn't overwhelmed by almond flavor. So I felt like I was eating real dairy ice cream. The toppings were amazing too. I got the Salted Caramel Sauce and Hazelnut Wafers. It was divine. I will be back.