A Look Inside My Beauty Bag

I’m finally getting around to doing one of these Beauty Bag posts, you guys! Are you excited? I AM!

Okay, soooooooo here is what my beauty bag looks like these days. It changes based on my needs, travels or projects at hand. This is what I am carrying right now though.

Lately, I’ve been loving the Dagne Dover Small Hunter Toiletry Bag in the color Dune. It’s super cute and functional. I also like that it is made of soft neoprene and is mold-able to whatever I stick it in. The zippers are so easy to open with one hand, which is a major bonus! And I love that the small bag comes with a little air mesh pouch inside. This bag is perfect for those that want to organize and give a home to every little thing! Marie Kondo your little heart away!

So what’s inside?

I tend to carry a ton of lippies! Like a million. Srsly, who needs this many?! Oh, me.

These are the lippies I’m loving today:

Oh, and I always carry at least one nude-ish lip liner just in case I need to dress up my lips more. Pat McGrath makes an awesome one called Permagel Ultra Lip Pencil in Buff (warm nude). I use it with everything!

Then you will notice that I carry a bunch of skincare too. Deodorant, lotion and sunscreen are a MUST! My favorites are:

Additional items I love to have on me are:

  • Glycelene Headache Relief aromatherapy rollerball helps with my headaches. The first thing I smell is the peppermint but it always seems to make my headaches go away, so I think they have a great recipe of ingredients there

  • MAISON MARGIELA ’REPLICA’ Beach Walk Rollerball is so beautiful. I love a lot of their Replica scents and I love that some of them come in rollerballs - so easy to apply

  • Pretty Useful Tools Caddy with rubber bands inside. For some reason, its the number one thing people ask me for. Maybe it’s because of my super long hair … but they always assume I have extra, so now I’m prepared!

  • Binaca Fresh Breath Spray works for getting rid of any type bad breath. Its super strong and discreet, so I can quickly spray and continue on with any conversation without skipping a beat!

Products not seen but carry if I am going from day to night:

And that’s it! Fun, right?!

What’s something you always have in your beauty bag?

All products were purchased by me, honey. So rest assured that this post is made up of all my own honest opinions. xo