Patchology Wink & A Kiss Gels Kit + Eye Gels

I've been in love with Patchology ever since I graduated esthetician school. Their cool marketing/packaging caught my eye and I loved how they aimed to give great results in such short amount of time (5 minutes for some of their gels & masks - woooohooo!). They were made for people on the go, like me, and I loved that.

I also had an awesome opportunity to work with them on one shoot awhile back and so I got to play with a few of their products. It was really, really cool. They were so easy to use and I loved how the models skin turned out. Beautiful!

So far, the Wink & A Kiss Kit and the FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels are my two favorite things to buy from Patchology. I've tried some other brands, but I keep coming back to them because I love the results! They are quick and easy, my clients definitely love when I use them on them. 

Patchology Wink And A Kiss And Eye Gels


- these ones are very hydrating and moisturizing ... not too active of ingredients, so I've never had any issues with skin sensitivity

- there is a little bit of caffeine in these but it's not over powering ... no tingling feeling or anything. In fact, these feel very soothing and cooling to the skin. The caffeine definitely helps with puffiness!

- skin looks plump, supple and even in tone after using - gorgeous!

- these guys only take 5 minutes to use (longer if desired), but 5 mins gives great results

- the packaging is travel friendly. I usually keep the Wink & A Kiss in my makeup kit while I keep the jar of eye gels for myself. I often travel with the eye gels jar and it travels well

- the instructions make them super easy to use

- they are pretty affordable for patches. For all the pros out there, Nigels and Frends carry them

- clients find them cute and fun, they love how they feel. Definitely give a pampered effect!

So amazing. I can't say enough good things about these guys. Love them. Next time you are on the hunt for a good mask, give Patchology a try!