My SEPHORiA Beauty Haul

When I went to SEPHORiA, I wasn’t sure what my beauty haul would look like, but it came out nicely! I was impressed!

Here is what my Bronze House Key swag bag from SEPHORA looked like:

Swag bags were retrieved at the exit as we were leaving the event, so we didn’t have to carry it around the whole time - smart move SEPHORiA! I’m looking forward to trying all of these!

These were the samples the brands gave us:

The brands were generous! I did get a couple more fragrance samples (Jo Malone, Kilian) that aren’t shown here. And this definitely does not represent all the brands at SEPHORiA, these were just the ones I stopped by that were giving out samples. Click on the picture to see all of them in detail!

These were the items I purchased at the event:

  • three new Fenty Fairy Bombs debuted at SEPHORiA, so of course I had to purchase! They are beautiful on, I am excited to play with them!

  • the BECCA x CHRISSY TEIGEN Glow Kitchen Kit was only available there and online, so of course I had to have it. The eye Glow Souffle Eyeshadow in it is gorgeous and was the main reason I purchased it

  • when I stopped by the Dr. Jart booth, they were handing out samples and the Ceramidin™ Cream felt good on my hands. I knew I needed more, so they were selling a limited edition kit there that wasn’t out yet and surprise, I bought it. But not for my face, this lotion will actually be for my hands because they go through a lot as a makeup artist. I’ll keep ya posted on how it goes!

  • the SEPHORiA merch store was selling patches and pins which I collect for my denim jacket. These will be a nice addition

  • and I couldn’t leave the event without a SEPHORiA t-shirt and bag, obvi!

Things on my wish list for next time:

  • a custom lipstick from BITE Beauty. they had a beautiful booth going, but the line was really, really long and my hunger got the best of me so I skipped this one. Next time I will head to that booth first!

  • YSL had some cute engraving going on, I definitely want to stop by their booth next SEPHORiA!

Overall, I LOVED everything I received and purchased.

It was really cool to have first access to some products, that made me feel special and I hope all the brands do something like that next time. My only wish was that SEPHORiA’s website stated the correct amount that came in the swag bag, because now I feel a little like I was oversold and underdelivered. I really hope Sephora does something about it or works it out because I don’t want people to lose faith in Sephora and I want people to come back to SEPHORiA next year, to make it a huge success!

Did you go to SEPHORiA? If so, what did you think? What was your favorite product?