Glossier Boy Brow

Glossier Boy Brow has been in my makeup kit for awhile now, so I had to share!

Glossier Boy Brow

What I love about it:

- I love how simple it is to use because I never seem to grab too much. Maybe it's the tiny brush size or the formulation of the product, but either way, every time I pull it out of the tube and apply the pomade to the brow it is just the right amount for a natural look. 

- the colors are pretty natural too, not artificial looking. 

- this pomade grabs on to even the tiniest of hairs and thickens them, making them appear larger.

- it is quick and easy, perfect for on-the-go

Highly recommend Boy Brow for anyone looking to fill in their eyebrows. For instance, if you have a small gap or want natural full looking brows then this product would be perfect. This would also be great for someone looking to darken brows just a tad, to help define.

I have Boy Brow in Blonde, Brown and Black. All are amazing. Give it a try next time you need an eyebrow product!